comfort zone

i'm beginning to adapt more to the life here but the realisation of myself being in suzhou really hasn't set in much. it still feels a bit like holiday. i've learnt and experience alot in barely two days. there's actually alot of different culture and different ways of the things work here.

we skipped breakfast as it was already late when i woke up at like 11am this morning. the night before i slept at like 1.30am because i was busy skype-ing with xinying.

but anyway, we were invited for a steamboat lunch by christine today, our sales and marketing manager. she introduced a singaporean girl to us. i do hope we get to meet more people. it was an enjoyable lunch which last for about an hour. christine introduced us alot of stuffs about china,suzhou as well as the hotel. we ended the lunch with a basket of crinkled fries with ketchup. there's no chilli sauce here i think.

 after that we retreated into our cozy rooms and waited for dorcus and yvonne to meet us at the hotel. they came here from their place and we went to shi lu(stone road,for literal translation). initially we took the bus from the wrong side and we wasted the bus fare which costs us RMB1. the bus is not as comfortable as singapore's sbs, non aircon old bus. it's dirty and smell of pee. they can eat and spit in the bus and the bus jerks alot. 

and the interesting part is that lets say if you do not have small change you can put RMB10 first and collect from the rest of the people who come up onto the bus. and until u get RMB9. it's like a culture for them and they just reach out their hands to collect when you board up the bus.

arrival in shi lu was late already. it looked like 6pm but it was actually 4 plus. the nights are gonna get longer because winter is coming. we did a bit of shopping but both mq and i didn't buy much while the two other ladies bought quite a bit of stuff.  we went into a shoe store and there was alot of boots. and in the end we didn't buy any because the china boots add unnecessary "zhng" to their boots. without the extra diamonds/buckle/whatever the shoe will look much classier. simple is nice.

we had mcdonalds for dinner. it taste the same as singapore, but no curry sauce and chilli as usual. i find that the service at the fast food outlet is very slow. it look quite some time for our food to be served and there is like so many staff. they aren't really as efficient. we also looked at phones, china phones are so nice and pretty. and they can use 2 sim cards at the same time which is really convenient.

we also went supermarket shopping to buy more stuff. and i bought this!

there are more flavors la. but i'm attracted to these few.

after that we went separate ways and sat cab home. the start is RMB10 and goes for about 3km and increases RMB1.80 for the every km. so it costs RMB12 back to the hotel.  the meter was like RMB11 and when mq got the change we thought that the driver shortchanged us. until now when i'm blogging this then i figured out why.

came home and had a bathe. as in a bathtub bathe. soaked myself in the warm water. and it was so relaxing. we're going to buy bubble soaps soon because our normal body soap can't make nice bubbles. after that was skype with qy and zephan. and a cup of milo to feel more at home.

so far so good. not many unpleasant experience with the locals here. but somehow people can see that we are foreigners even when we don't talk. the best way to attract attention is to wear slippers on the streets. the people here are very nice and hospitable. here's a photo to prove my point.

it was only when i uploaded this photo when i found out there was like 3 people looking into the camera and the uncle looks like he is smiling. this is how the neighbourhood around our hotel looks like.


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