newfriend new places

made a new friend today. and we went for 100RMB sushi buffet. didn't order much the sushi was alright except i really love the okonomiyaki and sashimi. we talked loads and the place is quite nice. it's so easy to click with new friends.

suzhou is really easy to travel around. so me and meiqing took the bus to meet them. the ride there was not too bad. but as usual, very dangerous.

this is our hotel.
not very grand or what, but the people are really nice here. friendly and easy to talk to. very homely.

we walk around the new suzhou alot. it's a clean and nice place. the roads and walkways are much nicer than our area.

and also starbucks!

and the bing that this auntie sells are yummilicious! it's 0.50RMB per piece. so big and cheap!


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