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CNY 2009

on the first day of CNY, we have gone through quite an eventful day. with us meeting the police insisting that we should stay at the hotel we paid for with a photocopied passport. i'll remember this day man.

off days.

yes i'm still alive.
other than random strangers getting on my nerves, like the crazy honking of the stupid cars,
 people who pushes each other in public buses,
the "warning sound" before the dirty man/woman spitting ,
stupid woman at the china post who told us that you can't post packages,
a stupid black jacket guy who ran and knocked into me today-causing my bubble milk tea getting spilt over my colleague white coat.
stupid day when the electric water bag exploded.
our stupid internet,
stupid drunk people,
stupid day when the housekeeping auntie thought our boots/socks/hats that were placed in a bag beside the toilet door is rubbish and *almost threw it away.

yes, i think right now i'm lucky to be still alive and tortured by the stupid things above.


we are heading towards shanghai during new year! i can't wait to get paid and shop till i drop.

and there is a hiphop competition over here at our hotel today. i think it's …

lion garden

let the pictures do the talking.

enough of our faces?


it's been like 5 days since i've started working in the front office.
i've learnt loads.
after this, i'm left with a more huge dilemma. more lost and unsure. i've learnt and understood things happening from different sides with different stories and different opinions.

i don't know whether to do what i'm supposed to do or do what i want to do. i dont know whether to go forward or to remain where i am.

anyway, there's a new AFOM here. she's spanish and knows like 4 languages. it's amazing how her former hotel with about 130 rooms managed to cope with just 20 employees.

and surprise surprise, it snowed in suzhou. just on tuesday. it wasn't very heavy. meiqing and i went out in the middle of the night around 2am just to take a walk in the falling snow.


have you ever sometimes feel that you are disposable?
or like you could run away or disappear to another place without anyone noticing.
the sun will rise and set all the same.
work will be done like always.
there is no need to be here actually.

sometimes when you talk and noone else is listening.
when people look right through you like as if you are like air.
you wonder whether are you important.
or whether you are needed.

sometimes i wonder what are we here for.

NEW YEAR 2009!

super quiet new year, we wanted to countdown but it was too late when we ended work. so we walked around our neighbourhood hoping to spot celebrations like fireworks or something. when the clock strikes 12, we heard the fireworks instead.

so we celebrated by eating shao kao.