off days.

yes i'm still alive.
other than random strangers getting on my nerves, like the crazy honking of the stupid cars,
 people who pushes each other in public buses,
the "warning sound" before the dirty man/woman spitting ,
stupid woman at the china post who told us that you can't post packages,
a stupid black jacket guy who ran and knocked into me today-causing my bubble milk tea getting spilt over my colleague white coat.
stupid day when the electric water bag exploded.
our stupid internet,
stupid drunk people,
stupid day when the housekeeping auntie thought our boots/socks/hats that were placed in a bag beside the toilet door is rubbish and *almost threw it away.

yes, i think right now i'm lucky to be still alive and tortured by the stupid things above.


we are heading towards shanghai during new year! i can't wait to get paid and shop till i drop.

and there is a hiphop competition over here at our hotel today. i think it's like the most hip and interesting thing that ever happened here. the team from suzhou is super cool with all the popping and what nots. others are mostly proud-but-unskilled dancers.


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