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oh gosh, i miss those two already.

their visit made me a little homesick while we talked so much. there's never ending topics and so much of anticipation of the future, buying yurongfu for switzerland etc. i miss school days, miss hanging out, miss talking in singlish with people understanding what you mean, gosh, i miss singapore food.

seriously, i have an impulse of going home. while on the other hand i would like to travel around china. i don't know la. just that i felt that i've missed out on ALOT while being away for the last 3 and half months.

other than that, i hope i really get to travel SOOON! hangzhou or nanjing or BOTH!

Meiqing's Birthday

a new frame of mind

i've become less stereotypical about people.

i'm embarrassed of how i used to think in the past.