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Traveling Through Life

Tip #1: Travel Light. - You can always tell the difference between an experienced traveler and a new one… by the size of their luggage. John mentioned that too many people travel through life with a lot of emotional baggage, which they’ve not yet learned to let go.

Traveling light is about finding your priorities… carrying only the essential stuff… Oh yes… and asking for forgiveness along the way.

Tip #2: Take someone with you - Life is about relationships. Isn't it awfully lonely to travel through life alone?

Maybe you've been hurt before, but that doesn't mean that you should close your heart. It only means that you know the characteristics you don't want in a partner/friend.

Let time heal your heart and then find someone to travel through life with.

Tip #3: Follow The Road Map - Have a game plan. If you do not know where you are going, then how can you hope to get there?

It is important to know where you are (A) by doing self-reflection everyday and where you want …

you can't not look at it.

sometimes i hope that i could have a little bit more privilege to act a little bit more selfishly, because of what i have gone through. because at least it wouldn't feel like a millions of knife stabbing right now.

sometimes i wished that i could let myself act more carelessly because i wouldn't over fear of what might happen if i do that.

sometimes i wished that i am as ignorant as a child because i wouldn't know so much truth and knows what's right or wrong.

sometimes i wished that i'm not as dependent on people because i hate being a burden.

yet sometimes i wished that i could find someone who could truly read my mind.

WTH! it's not as if anyone's dying. damnit


Think about it, when you were 8 years old, what was your perception and ideal of a 20 year old?

anyway my bro told my sis that he envies me.

because i don't need to go to school since i turned 18.....

ha. what a great role model i am...


hate cowards and hate how i i can't stand up to do or say something i want.
but the only thing to run away. escape from that pain because it's dangerous. don't walk close to it because you'll injure yourself.
the heart hurts, the eyes tear, the brain choose not know.

i wished i'd save

looking at this photo, it was two days of shopping together with meiqing at shanghai.


look at the luggage behind, couldn't even stuff our things.

we each had 9kg of overweight stuff. and we didn't want to pay for it because it'll cost us each about SGD 200. so we begged, cried and asked.

stupid airport.

DAMN....i could have save a bit of cash.
i need want want need money now.


i'm missing suzhou, missing the people, missing maria my afom.

the 5 months was a short time, it seems almost like a dream when i boarded the flight back the other day. there's noone who could truely understand the feeling except maybe meiqing.

it seems like i'm back to reality and the problems hit me. my life seems to be in a mess right now and i have no idea where to start. seriously, it was much easier to adapt to suzhou life than in singapore. i can't believe that i have been crying since day 1.


i witness an incident today.
i wonder..

would you choose to be selfless and get hurt or be selfish so that you will not be hurt.

i could have done something to stop it. all i did was to scream and did nothing afterwards.

we were walking towards the train station when we heard a woman shout because there was a kid who tried to steal her purse. a kid, around 1.40m tall, dark around 9-11 years old.

after becoming discovered the kid kept walking forward.

this is common in china, shanghai i think.

the kid was joined by her mother afterward. the mother, was holding a baby in her arms while her daughter tried to work hard for their daily meals or what not. they walked in front of us, no less than 5 meters away.

i was shocked by their behavior and feared for my own purse as well.

so i thought we went the wrong way when we stopped at a bus stop deciding to take the bus instead. we inquired a guy, around 25 years old, on directions. then the mother and child walked past as they turned back the…