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i'm now looking at the past movie stubs{映画} i have collected over the past 5 years or so, some probably lost along the years. i cannot remember most of the movies i have watched.

some of the stubs brought back memories, like the first time i watch NC16 movie - Amityville Horror in 2005. i watched doom, corpse bride herbie, ice princess, wet dreams with twins. with my school mates, it was the first nc16 movie, house of wax, boogeyman(which i remembered that it had a lame storyline), howl's moving castle, hitch. it was the same year that i watched king kong with a friend that i'm not keeping in contact anymore. i remembered the horribly long movie and the queue at the toilet. i remembered what i wore, what my friend had wore, what we talked about on the bus on the way there.

2005 and 2008 was the years that most of the stubs were from, coincidentally, it was both the last years of my secondary and tertiary education. 2008 has to be the year where i frequent the theatres, it…

military style

what's up with the hair bow nowadays....

anyway i want this hat!

white is cute.

find a way back into love.

I've been watching but the stars refuse to shine,
I've been searching but I just don't see the signs,
I know that it's out there,
There's got to be something for my soul somewhere.

is it real?

i dreamt of jealousy,
i didn't know is it the truth.
how queer.

this summer

summer activities checklist.

{チェック} picnic
{チェック} bbq tomorrow!



I believe that everything happens for a reason .

People change so that you can learn to let go,

things go wrong so that you can appreciate them

when they're right. you believe lies so eventually

learn to trust no one but your self and sometimes,

good things fall apart so better things can fall together.

- Marilyn Monroe .


a lazy sunday picnic at the botanic gardens. we bump into ex amksians too.

being 30

this woman is so hot even at 30.

i'm hitting my 20 and i'm not even half of her. lee hyori is inspiration.

your wish is my command

i think that i would like to move out before i turn 27. my ideal age to move out is probably at 24. of course it would be a tall order, i mean how much am i going to earn after i graduate?

and oh, my sister is deciding to study in uk for her deg because her grades in poly is not excellent enough for her to get into any law school in singapore. it's going to be very expensive so i don't know how family will be able to cope with that. what i do dream that somehow or rather i could work in the uk and then support her. it'll be fun. {天使}

ice hotels

my favorite season is probably autumn then winter. i like snow, the pure white snow.

anyway the ice hotel in sweden is probably somewhere i would like to visit. it's fully made of pure ice!

since there is change in seasons every year, the hotel is also rebuilt every year.

the rooms and beds all made of ice with artists from all over the world sculpting it. so damn cool.{雪}

the ice beds really reminds me of the show - condor heros with yangguo on ice bed or something. the most hardest bed ever.

like this room by a japanese - Hiroyoshi Sakai

and this by chinese, look at those leaves and bamboo.


every room is designed differently

other than rooms they have bars where they served drinks in one time use ice cups. which is cute.

and last but not least, for those who pursue a white white white whitest wedding, the ice church.

ah tranquil.

tree houses

the other day when i was out with zeph and edward we talked about dream houses.

i don't know what i want, because i want a bit of everything like zen styled, european style, ranch styled, i don't know.

i would like to stay in a loft, an attic, ranch in the countryside, a mansion or even a castle. i want to have a garden or swimming pool. i want to stay near a beach or near a river or even living in the woods..
treehouses are nice...

zi char

i met up with jialing and anna for dinner at redhill. it was a very satisfying dinner filled with endless chats along the way.

i've learnt that we could bring umbrella to the airplane, you can check-in. damn, i left my rainbow coloured umbrella in suzhou.

hit the road!

it was a super long day. 2pm met up with george and ed at orchard. lunched at pastamania where val, vincent, cecilia joined us. after that, more walking random shopping and chit chatting.

afterwards, it was left val ed and me hanging out at lido while we gossip our whole afternoon and evening away while the others went for work and practice.

at 9pm we headed down to edwin's where we played this vampire game. took his car and headed down dempsy hill picking up gj, vinc and ceci along the way. took some random photos and headed to fort canning hill where we admired the nightview.

it was such an eventful day.

edit on 10 june : it was MT FABER.


today is the first time that i drove my friends around. those very privilege friends are waisze, qingyu and zephan.

i cannot count how many times i freaked out and got lost.

play pool in the afternoon with ws, zeph and ws's friend. i was bad at it, i don't think i'll have another game for another few months. hah.

after the game ws, zeph and i head towards town for some shopping. met up with qy and alvin over there for light dinner.

so the five of us went to geylang at like 11pm for supper. gosh. it was so hot lah.
zeph was telling us girls that we are getting eye raped - which is rather disgusting. i wish zeph was fatter so that he could block us. hah. anyway, we made the guys to surround us while we walked along the damn street. zeph was walking behind us when he tapped on ws's shoulder and that caused ws to freak out. i have to say it's rather funny when qy pointed out a cockroach to zeph while we were walking on the road and he got freak out. haha. revenge is s…