today is the first time that i drove my friends around. those very privilege friends are waisze, qingyu and zephan.

i cannot count how many times i freaked out and got lost.

play pool in the afternoon with ws, zeph and ws's friend. i was bad at it, i don't think i'll have another game for another few months. hah.

after the game ws, zeph and i head towards town for some shopping. met up with qy and alvin over there for light dinner.

so the five of us went to geylang at like 11pm for supper. gosh. it was so hot lah.
zeph was telling us girls that we are getting eye raped - which is rather disgusting. i wish zeph was fatter so that he could block us. hah. anyway, we made the guys to surround us while we walked along the damn street. zeph was walking behind us when he tapped on ws's shoulder and that caused ws to freak out. i have to say it's rather funny when qy pointed out a cockroach to zeph while we were walking on the road and he got freak out. haha. revenge is sweet hur.
anyway, we bagged our food and went to ws's condo for dinner instead. ate beside the swimming pool, very sneakily and then chit chat for a while. it was quite fun. i think i'll remember this day lah.


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