sensous seduction

anyway, school is not at all great as what val had felt from my previous entry. ya, true school isn't at all great, in fact, it is so different from previous.

firstly, most of the classmate have met each other from the preparatory classes, so half of the class have already gelled together. so, the three of us usually stick together doing things and going to places with each other. i know it sounds pathetic(not to mention very <打消線>anti social</打消線>). it is not that the people there are not nice, i assure you that the classmates are friendly and we generally click well. just that i felt that it's not like the same with clicking with tr01 where everyone is like a mini family member. i kinda miss those times where we had late nights doing the open house proj and the heritage trail, the selflessness and dependence with each other.

we also have different people coming from different backgrounds and each of us are paying a hefty amount of 47k for this course. so the environment of the class is a world of difference compared to tr01, everyone is working hard and very motivated in getting their money worth. so generally, there is an air of competition. it's not bad for me because i generally shape myself according to the environment i'm in, so i think i'll get influenced and work hard.

but all in all, it is still my opinion and it is just the second week into school so yeah. but to sum it all up, it has been WONDERFUL(i dont know why i keep using so much flamboyant words) so far, no hipcups or anything yet. loved the FBA lessons we are having with our visiting lecturer.

clock's ticking, assignments waiting.


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