consumerism is,
the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically desirable.
because when you buy, there is a need to manufacture and hence there is jobs.

so spending is "good", it stimulates the economy.

but after packing my clothes and throwing lots of them off, i begin to think.
about why own 10 pairs of blue jeans, 10 black shirts with different designs, 10 blue dresses, 10 handbags, 10 slingbags. when most of the times i would only wear a certain clothes. the rest are thrown aside collecting dust.

i see the amount of wastage i'm creating and i sigh.{涙} is spending really good?

but anyway i can never stop myself from practicing consumerism because it is the norm and also due to my upbringing

there's a new theory that there is a point where consumers possess everything they need, and by buying more it actually makes their life worse off.
and that's ENOUGHISM{キラリ}

so now when buying anything i'll stop and think whether i NEED it or actually i want it. and this helps in saving. especially now, i'm getting my money from my dad so i need to curb my spending. so i'll spend necessarily from now on.


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