i'm excited lah, just before i was talking about consumerism and how i was quite against it. but hor, when things are cheap or free, all i can think of is WHY NOT? 不买白不买 right?
SO CLICK on the links below and get free stuff!!
basically it is a website that allows people to get sample products. And you could post reviews about the samples you have tried.

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seriously, i think it's a super good idea. i mean i'm sure it's a new step in marketing and making this website a  good place to spread good word of mouth. especially in this industry where we are constantly exposed to advertisements on tv, on busstops, in shopping malls and what not. now consumers are getting and wanting real credentials about the products before they purchase it and this website allows people to review on it, and on top of it allows consumers to try out the product before they purchase it.


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