i'm feeling very happy today. it's like the workload is so so much lightened. MICE and ROM have been driving me crazy the past few days.

today's presentation was so, intense. and i think many groups were afraid of criticisms by the guest judges.

being the last group definitely helped in making us more prepared - which i was really grateful for (val was the person who picked the lots). it was lucky that i had really good team mates that work together well. even better, we compliment each other in our strength and weaknesses.

thanks to val, we managed to borrow the uniforms for our "show", jiawen for her everlasting patience and ability to keep calm especially for today and also always listening, vanessa for pushing the whole group to the extreme like keep asking questions and hany for being the super blur one in our team, giving laughter to the whole team. adding on, other teams were so supportive. i'm beginning to feel the "class spirit". we were so worried and other teams stayed back to hear our presentation. i remembered an sms that martin sent to vanessa, where we were reassured constantly.

i do hope that we would all work hard for our next mission together and achieve success!



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