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Winter @ Korea

it has been quite a while since i have updated my blog.
currently, i'm spending my winter in korea. travelling around seoul. (and of course, fan girl-ing) i have seen a couple of idols, singers since the trip.

went to lotte world, entertainment companies, myeongdong& dongdaemun to shop. cash at hand is depleting at an alarming rate with all the winter sales going on and food temptations at every corner of the street. seoul is easy to travel around with the subway except i wished i had know more korean so that i could understand and communicate with the locals better.

anyway, it snowed yesterday while we were waiting outside inkigayo. it was a horrible experience waiting in the freezing weather and then being denied going into the shows as there wasn't enough places. anyway, i would still hope to attend at least one music show while i'm here.

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