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it's always a thrill to see snow. i was so excited when it snowed heavily during late november. i was wearing shorts and dashed out to my balcony to take shoots of the snow. i love snow.

snow replaced all the traces of autumn. i feel sad for autumn but i still welcome the snow. 

my current count. 12 flights so far for year 2010. the most i've ever taken. i've met new people, connect with old friends, drew closer with existing buddies during my trips. year 2010 was so exciting for me. Cate came over from new zealand during late november, the beginning of her europe tour in zurich. i was glad that i could show her around the city.
she was so excited because it was the day after the first heavy snow. so we took many pictures of the snow in the city, around zurich lake. i had a great time meeting her.


i guess speaking a language is such a valuable asset because it brings one closer to another.

i had a nice time speaking to a japanese lady working at teuscher. she was wondering about our nationality and guessed japanese/korean. then she was taken aback when i could speak a little japanese and then she extended her hospitality by offering champagne truffles for us to try. (teuscher have one of the best champagne truffles i have tried so far).

the chocolates accompanied with the most extravagant decor i've ever seen. of course, it comes with a nice price tag too.

Eve of Xmas Eve

here's what i did on the eve of xmas eve. =D

groceries in the morning because nothing will be opened till the 27th. then cookie baking for the whole afternoon till evening. afterwhich we had dinner. after dinner we finally decorated the xmas tree! i was so excited, taking loads of pictures. there was also a new vogelhaus for the birds. very pretty. we wanted to decorate the tree to give it more of a festive look but didn't in the end because it might scare the birds away instead.

last party night

i've sworn to myself not to take any pictures when i am clubbing.

but heck, last night in zurich. i partied with the gays. hehe. and didn't drink much so i figured, why not. so photossss!

tea & cakes

i'm taking a break from updating my autumn germany trip because thre are so many photo to review through. instead, i'm going to blog about my first xmas week in germany. =D

i'm staying at my mom's friend house for now.

4 candles. each for each sunday of december. so you light up on sunday, counting down to xmas week. haha. yesterday was the last candle. hehehe. 

so the first day, i went to have tea and cakes at my mom's friend's mother in law place which was a walking distance from her house.

last meal

yes, i have been in swiss for almost a year and i haven't tried the traditional swiss fondue!

so in my last day, i know that i must die die try fondue.

it was so nice. but just like chocolate fondue, it gets quite jelat after a while. but still nice.


Finally. it's all over.{deco:otomedojo~1906}

i know this is a path that i wanted to take all along and i faced it bravely. bravo.

don't say anything else, because i dont want to feel vulnerable. don't ask. i'd prefer that you not read this. so don't read, if you do, don't ask and pretend that you haven't read any of this.

just know. someone might know and i dont want to know who.

Baden under the autumn night skies

about late afternoon/ evening we arrived at Baden-baden. It's a place known for spa. So i can't wait to dip myself into the natural hot springs.

i wished that i could take some photos of the caracalla spa but of course no camera was allowed. it was damn huge with indoor and outdoor jacuzzi areas with different temperature. there was also sauna which was also damn awesome, mint flavoured steam.

anyway there's also the friedrich spa which is also very popular in baden which i decided not do go because you had to get totally naked. Initially i intend to do a body scrub or massage, however, it is fully booked {ごめんなさい}. so a mental note to self to call or reserve the next time i want to do any treatments.

overall i really enjoyed having a great warm jacuzzi with the cold autumn air breeze  under the night sky.

Black Forest!

Apfelsaft und schwarzwald kirsch torte

we passed by this when we wanted to take a break.

we had no idea what it was used for...

i thought it was an apple gathering machine since there were so many apples around.

my guess was close because it's something to do with making apple juice. fresh apple juice. damn good.

anyway we had our lunch after that in the museum. food was so comparatively cheaper in germany than in swiss. horray! i ate like a king throughout my trip. wunderbar! =d

below is a picture taken at the entrance of the restaurant. basically it means welcome from the heart. something like that...

a taste of autumn

the best part about the place was the scenery. 秋はそのような感じ。。。ロマンチック、穏やかに。。。

Cuckoo clocks & what nots.

it was quite funny because when i came back from germ, i kept telling everyone that i love that place so much. my work buddy then concluded that i'm a "nazi" because i love germany as well as japanese culture.

so we began our journey at an open air museum. and we managed to get student tickets. the nicest thing was that there weren't many tourist. it is probably due to the fact that the museum is in german and it's like a place for family. nevertheless, i had heaps of fun with my camera snapping away.

why do i love germany?

i love germany very much. i can't explain much, if i had to choose, out of all the places i had went so far in europe, i love germany the most! during autumn, the beginning of november, i made a 3 day trip to germany with clariol. it was short but germany definitely took my breath away many times. i dont know is it the country or the people or autumn that made me fell so hard in love or maybe it is a combination of all of it. it maybe also due to the fact that i didn't really expect much of germany.

furthermore, clariol left all the planning to me. i did intensive homework and late nights (*which i enjoyed). so most of the places are places that i wanted to visit.

i didn't expect i would love the place so much. i can't wait to return to deutschland, in fact, i'm returning very soon! hehe.

so this would be the start of my very long series of my 3 day travels in Germany. Many to cover and too many photos!

First day of November, we set off at 7am from zurich to Hausa…


I went to geneva about a month ago stayed over at xh's. prior to that, i had only went to geneva airport. didn't have a good experience as i thought it was quite a shady place.

anyways, photos photos!

i would totally swim at geneva lake during summer. they have a slide and a diving area.

ear muffs.

photobooth fun!

what a small mind

today i was really offended by a man who made a hidebound comment while i was collecting his bill. He and his friend bill was 39 and they paid 50. so his friend asked for 10 change and to keep the 1 as tip. While this man made a comment along the lines of, " you make 1 franc without doing anything." that sentence alone could show his ignorance. i was so annoyed by him while at the same time i want to laugh.

please think before you talk. he was such a stereotype making himself looking like a fool with his own assumptions without even considering other facts.

i just walked away smiling at him after that. cursing at him at the back of my mind.

thank god, i have only 11 working days left.
can't wait to get out of it.

we speak no americano

this is one of the place where i dine quite often in zurich. many cute guys and good food. music is bah~ sometimes it's good sometimes i don't really like it. quite pricey but everywhere in swiss is expensive anyway. it's both a restaurant and a bar.

Norway - lakeside

i wanted to eat waffles by the lake! but it was closed. but nevertheless, i did have fun taking awesome shoots by the lake.

Norway - finding my way.

i had a day to myself to explore oslo alone. i went to 2 museums at Bygdøy as well as Aker brygge area. the viking ship museum

 i walked about 15 minutes to the kontiki museum.

Norway: Vigelands Park

my first experience of autumn was in Vigelands Park. where the trees are painted red and yellow. the ground is filled with leaves fallen from the tree. it was gorgeous.

Norway -bbq in the winter night

oslo's amazing, i like how it is so easy to get around the city and i could find my way pretty well. i managed to meet many new people while visit sarah and bunking in at her place. the only pity was that i didn't have much time to stay longer, if not i would have gone to other places to visit the fjords as well as up north to catch a glimpse of the northern lights. i'm definitely heading there again and i'm going to set aside at least 2 weeks just to see norway!

so yeah, the first night i had arrived in the evening so i didn't travelled anywhere else. so let me start posting photos from the second day onwards. =D

i need to catch the train.

i would love to blog about my recent travels to geneva and oslo. i had intended to do it today, but i was so busy with cleaning and housework. blah.

i'm obsess with autumn.


this means wherever in romani language. i had the opportunity to catch Varekai by Cirque du Soleil.

it was my company event. and prior to that, we had some aperitif at restaurant imagine at HB.  

Carnival lights.

i love pasar malams.

road not taken

Road Not Taken - Robert Frost
Two roads diverged in a yellow wood, And sorry I could not travel both And be one traveler, long I stood And looked down one as far as I could To where it bent in the undergrowth;
Then took the other, as just as fair, And having perhaps the better claim, Because it was grassy and wanted wear; Though as for that the passing there Had worn them really about the same,
And both that morning equally lay In leaves no step had trodden black. Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.
I shall be telling this with a sigh Somewhere ages and ages hence: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.

it's funny how i'm getting more homesick during the end of my time in swiss. it's like that in china too. i'm doing up a list of what to do when i'm back in singapore. i can't wait to feel that distant yet familiar feeling of a place especia…

lausanne 2


lausanne 1

i went there a few weeks ago. and had a great look at the beautiful french part of swiss.

my thoughts are foggy.

big things small things going through my head.
i'm juggling with various thoughts at the same time.
contradicting emotions. i don't know what i'm feeling right now.
i'm lost.

i'm red with apple cider