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this was from my textbook.

wants are not spontaneous and not characteristic of the lower animals.
they arise not from an inner desire for preservation of self or species,
but a desire for satisfaction above absolute necessity.
To satisfy their material needs and wants,
humans consume.

when the snow cleared

the snow cleared on one sunday brunch.
so a trip down to the lake for photos. these places are all around my school. scenery here is amazing and something that cannot be found in singapore.


rainbow in the sky during sunday's brunch. awesome!

Jiawen's birthday on pre fasnacht day

the day when we celebrated jiawen's birthday, the whole town was so much in the party mood, with bands playing music while being half drunk, people just hold a bottle of alcohol and walk/dance around. there were parades and people dressed up in cute costumes. and it wasn't the actual fasnacht yet!

when it snowed during school.

we just went out the school to play with the falling snow.
i think we are crazy.

Snowing Crazily

observe how my roomie is so selfish with the camera. she don't allow me to be in her video and keep asking me to take her in my videos.....

lucerne city tour

tour around my room

short video showing how my room look like

first day

i promised to video blog =D


the second day in lucerne, we went to town for shopping as well as touring around the area. it was so cold.

Winter wonderland

Today is the day that i arrive in Switzerland. This is my first time in europe. We took a coach from the airport to the school and it started snowing halfway through the journey. The school is small. But the view here is amazing. It is just beside a lake and snow capped mountains. Postcard scenery.

HAPPY 2010

what's your new year wish?