fairytale castle

when i first set my eyes on neuschwanstein castle from marienbruecke, i was quite sure that my eyes sparkled. it was a feeling that i cannot describe. it is like when i first see the eiffel tower but 100x more intense.

this photo taken from the castle itself, features the marienbruecke. it was rather scary when i began walking through the bridge. but all thoughts and emotions paled when i saw the castle. hehe


took a tour around the castle. it was beautifully decorated with murals and paintings. it is like being in a storybook. it felt that every room in the castle had a story to tell. however the castle remains largely unfinished.

i am a dreamer, because i dreamt of the completed castle. then on an autumn night, royalties from all over bavaria riding a carriage to attend the ball at the castle. ladies and gentlemen dressed up, wearing beautiful gowns waltzing under the stars....


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