Winter wonderland

Today is the day that i arrive in Switzerland. This is my first time in europe. We took a coach from the airport to the school and it started snowing halfway through the journey. The school is small. But the view here is amazing. It is just beside a lake and snow capped mountains. Postcard scenery.

After arrival, we checked into our various room. The rooms are much better than what i expected. My expectations were much worse. It's not as nice as my six-months hotel room in suzhou nor it is anything like in sg. But it is still acceptable. After unpacking our stuffs i realised i brought too much clothes, no wonder my baggage weigh 50kg la.

We had brunch at the school cafeteria at 11am. This is where we enjoyed our brunch, just beside the lake. Super good view while we dined.

Brunch at IMI school canteen

Then we had an orientation around the school and to the town area to explore the area. But we didn't explore much yet as we headed back to school about an hour later to unpack our stuff and cleanup. But i took tons of photos.

Then we had dinner at the same cafeteria and then a night walk around the school. The night here is amazing because there are no many lights here. Saw the huge moon shining over the lake. very very beautiful, i wished that i could take a picture. but it was too dark for my camera to take a decent photo.

i wish that i would grow to like this place even more.


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