ugly vs pretty

living in close proximity with people. and with people you know, it's a bit different. different from what i had experienced in china.

there's so much changes in people within a few weeks of arrival,
i've learnt and know more about people. sometimes living so close brings alot of irritation. like human nature, you'll see the bad side of others and eventually show another bad side of yourself. i'm trying to control myself of the bad thoughts.
i like the life here. but it is still a little constrain.

and i've witness the way how rumours and gossip goes. so sometimes it's good to shut up because the walls here have ears.

one thing i hate alot, dilly dallying, hesitation, indecisiveness.
what i want to say is that,
go for it, because you'll never know what would happen if you don't. never hesitate, whatever that doesn't kill you just makes you stronger.
for this, i'm sure i'll probably stay spend my second half of the year here.


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