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Ski at Mount Titlis, Engelberg

it's freaking long since i've blog.


blogging is such a luxury now that i cannot afford it.

anyway, i need to blog about my ski trip! my "first" ski trip.
i really enjoyed it. although i sustained quite a bit of injuries after the trip. and i've got the worst experience ever, when i had to almost walk all the way back down the mountain after breaking my skis. I fell (a better word would be crashed) loads of times that i can't remember how many. then there are so many who helped me along the way. I remembered there was a snowboarder who grabbed my ski poles and pulled me for like 20 metres. then there was a guy who help me pick up all my stuff that i have dropped after i fell, ski, hat, googles, ear muffs and what nots. also, we had an unusual but still super delicious macaroni + potatoes lunch. damn a very memorable experience.