Ski at Mount Titlis, Engelberg

it's freaking long since i've blog.


blogging is such a luxury now that i cannot afford it.

Mount Titlis, Engelberg

my first skiing experience!

anyway, i need to blog about my ski trip! my "first" ski trip.

i really enjoyed it. although i sustained quite a bit of injuries after the trip. and i've got the worst experience ever, when i had to almost walk all the way back down the mountain after breaking my skis. I fell (a better word would be crashed) loads of times that i can't remember how many. then there are so many who helped me along the way. I remembered there was a snowboarder who grabbed my ski poles and pulled me for like 20 metres. then there was a guy who help me pick up all my stuff that i have dropped after i fell, ski, hat, googles, ear muffs and what nots. also, we had an unusual but still super delicious macaroni + potatoes lunch. damn a very memorable experience.

and oh, i had a scary terrorist who terrorize me alot. seriously, he was the one who upgrade us from "bunny" level to CRAZY level. from yellow slopes all the way to the red ones (which is the second most tough).


part of the team! kenneth me, vanessa and yousun!

photo taken inside the cable car up! damn scary lahhhhhhhh!

this is me and yousun! my korean private tutor and ski tutor! she has been skiing since she was 4 years old! so she's very natural at it. hehe. it was snowing so so heavily. we are practically covered in white snow!

the snow was really heavy! you can't ski without goggles cause the snow gets into your eyes. i think there's a speck of snow on my camera lens. thats why it's blurry.

this is me and kenneth! he helped me to carry my skis for half of the time when we were skiing. it was ssooo tiring and crazy heavy. i owe him loads. he saved me alot of times. helped me to find my ski which was buried into the snow when i crash. the snow was so so thick that i can't find the ski and i was so so worried.

me, yousun and martin. martin, our chef who helped to cook our packed breakfast and lunch for the day. and he was so so funny that day. 

us in a van, to go to another location. the ride costs us 2 francs each ok! damn expensive. but heck. and we were practically melting in the van as we carried loads of snow into the van.

THIS is the terrorist of the day. {プンスカ} but although he was so mean and brought us all to the scary slopes where we fall like crazy and made us suffer like idiots, i am still very appreciative towards him lah. {うさぎ} lets go skiing someday again ok?

me and michelle in the cable car! i'm afraid of cable car and she, afraid of heights. another chef of the day! plus she is damn good in skiing. 

this is lunch! it was so amazing and delicious eaten cold and with bare hands.

this is me waiting for my turn on the gondola ride.

our skiis!

me and michelle. michelle was initially supposed to board the previous gondola. but she missed it because martin kicked her and she fell and missed the gondola. it was so funny. and i was too slow to catch the gondola so in the end we sat in the same gondola. wasn't a good idea. because, it stopped halfway. and michelle and i scream like idiots. 

the gondola lift. those two in front is terrorist and martin. 4 of us were supposed to catch the same gondola.

this is me and the gondolas behind me

ok from this point on, we were taking the red slopes. i had no time to take photos because i was falling every slopes or so. and i forgot to mention, i almost fall off the cliff! it was really dangerous. and my some of my friends witness it too. so.... yeah...
the next few photos were those taken AFTER my skis broke. it was so sad because i had to walk down all alone and it's like over 3 kilometres down. and worse, my feet is killing me. and there was this slope where i had to slide all the way down because it was so so steep that i couldn't even stand.

but of course, everything has a good side. walking back made me talk to many other skiers and snowboarders who were shocked that i broke my skis. and also, i manage to look and admire the scenery around me. really pretty.

this is really an unglam photo. but anyway, i just want to say that the snow was so cold that my hair froze together with the ice. and it got really bad and frizzy after that.

forgot to add, i didn't walk all the way back! hehe. imagine if i did, i would most probably be traumatised and cry and kill terrorist. a snow truck came and brought all those who didn't manage to complete the red slope back to the beginning of the ski area. because it was turning dark and they are closing the ski area already.

vanessa and martin is inside the truck and i am standing outside the truck. quite an experience i should say.

to sum up this trip, a group photo with the rest of the team. we were so so shagged by the end of the day man. but loads of topics on the train, until most of us were so tired to talk and simply fell asleep. it was like 8pm when we finally reached back to luzern.

i would love to go back again.


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