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i wish i can take a peek into the future.
私はバカと思います。 私の将来が他の人決めた。本当に大嫌い。なぜこの事を決めない。  自分は何を感慨は全然解らない。 涙が降ってほしい、すごく疲れた。

it's a lovely day today, said my horoscope.

Throughout the day you may get the feeling that something has changed in the way people relate to each other, Cancer. It will be as if people are surer of themselves, more open, more expressive. Where, exactly, do you fit into all of this? Are you in a mood to charm other people just for fun? This period is perfect for taking care of your appearance and getting in shape. Do it!

i'm very happy for my dearest king kong barbie. i should probably be in one too!


i'm wide awake at this ungodly hour of 5.32am.


i want to go swimming at the lake. the weather seems so nice.

what is beauty unless you intended to use it, like a hammer, or a key? It was just something for other people to use and admire, or envy, despise. To nail their dreams onto like a picture hanger on a blank wall. 

Vaticano Day 1

we first headed towards st peter's basilica. the entrance was free.

mary and jesus. there are so many people crowding in front of it trying to take a snapshot.

one can bear anything, the pain we cannot bear will kill us outright.

Quem ferre non possumus dolor nos omnino occidet

what are words to you

what is words to you. i'm bad at words, i'm bad at language, i'm bad at expressing myself.  And often, i suffer from lethologica.
The word “lethologica” describes the state of not being able to remember the word you want

two different people. two different thoughts.

Words to me were magic. You could say a word and it could conjure up all kinds of images or feelings or a chilly sensation or whatever. It was amazing to me that words had this power.
That was the thing about words, they were clear and specific - chair, eye, stone - but when you talked about feelings, words were too stiff, they were this and not that, they couldn't include all the meanings. In defining, they always left something out.

so how strong are you? how oblivious are you?

she's never where she is.
she's only inside her head.
I'd spent the last three years trying to build up some kind of skin, so I wouldn't drip blood with every time I brushed up against something. She was naked, she peeled herself daily.


Sentimentalism is the working off on yourself of feelings you haven't really got. 
We all want to have certain feelings: feelings of love, of passionate sex, of kindliness, and so forth. Very few people really feel love, or sex passion, or kindliness, or anything else that goes at all deep. So the mass just fake these feelings inside themselves. Faked feelings! the world is all gummy with them. 
They are better than real feelings, because you can spit them out when you brush your teeth; and then tomorrow you can fake them afresh.
DH Lawrence

Roma Day 1

during my march break, i went to italy for about a week. shall start our trip with a piece of pizza from new york fast food in switzerland. gosh, i don't know why we bother to start our pre-trip meal with pizza when we are going to the LAND OF PIZZA. but anyway, the pizza was great. hawaiian~

we started our trip in the evening, an over night train towards Roma. it was 12 hours with transfers in the middle at Arth-goldau and Milano centrale. so we got through Luzern to Milano with a normal train and then we got beds when we are at Milano for transfer.

i got the upper bed bunk while cheryl got the lower one. prior to our departure towards Roma from Milano, i was thinking how nice if our cabin do not have anyone else (because it was 4 pax/cabin), then we will be able to have the whole cabin to ourselves. as usual, cheryl was hoping for 2 cute guys to bunk into the cabin.

and then when we board the train, how exactly her words became truth. there was 2 guys bunking with us! TWO UNCLE…

one year.

old song. but nice lyrics.

funny things with my dad

i was just having a skype conversation with my dad. it was really laggy, so we used text conversation.

Tan Tiong Tat: how many feed back you need?
Tan Ying Ying: as many as possible
Tan Ying Ying: especially old people
Tan Ying Ying: i have like 70 over responses already
Tan Ying Ying: but mostly are people around the age of 20
Tan Tiong Tat: am i consider old ?
Tan Ying Ying: yes
Tan Ying Ying: quite old
Tan Ying Ying: i need people around 30 - 50
Tan Ying Ying: i only got 5 people in that region
Tan Tiong Tat: hurting
Tan Ying Ying: HAHAAAA.  {ハートブレイク}
Tan Ying Ying: ok lah you are younger than my friends parents
Tan Ying Ying: and you look younger too
(at this time, my dad asked my sister how to spell sympathy)
Tan Tiong Tat: no sense of sympthy
Tan Ying Ying: how to spell sympathy?

hehe. my dad is so funny. and the older he gets, the more funny he is.

a quote

'I knew we shouldn't have come. Now i wished she never broken any of her rules. I understand why she held to them so hard Once you broke the first one, they broke, one by one, like firecrackers exploding in your face in a parking lot on the Fourth of July.'
white oleander.

just came back from my holiday in italy. i went to rome, venice and milan for my adventure. i do hope i have time to blog about it soon~