funny things with my dad

i was just having a skype conversation with my dad. it was really laggy, so we used text conversation.

Tan Tiong Tat: how many feed back you need?
Tan Ying Ying: as many as possible
Tan Ying Ying: especially old people
Tan Ying Ying: i have like 70 over responses already
Tan Ying Ying: but mostly are people around the age of 20
Tan Tiong Tat: am i consider old ?
Tan Ying Ying: yes
Tan Ying Ying: quite old
Tan Ying Ying: i need people around 30 - 50
Tan Ying Ying: i only got 5 people in that region
Tan Tiong Tat: hurting
Tan Ying Ying: HAHAAAA.  {ハートブレイク}
Tan Ying Ying: ok lah you are younger than my friends parents
Tan Ying Ying: and you look younger too
(at this time, my dad asked my sister how to spell sympathy)
Tan Tiong Tat: no sense of sympthy
Tan Ying Ying: how to spell sympathy?

hehe. my dad is so funny. and the older he gets, the more funny he is.


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