Roma Day 1

during my march break, i went to italy for about a week. shall start our trip with a piece of pizza from new york fast food in switzerland. gosh, i don't know why we bother to start our pre-trip meal with pizza when we are going to the LAND OF PIZZA. but anyway, the pizza was great. hawaiian~

we started our trip in the evening, an over night train towards Roma. it was 12 hours with transfers in the middle at Arth-goldau and Milano centrale. so we got through Luzern to Milano with a normal train and then we got beds when we are at Milano for transfer.

i got the upper bed bunk while cheryl got the lower one. prior to our departure towards Roma from Milano, i was thinking how nice if our cabin do not have anyone else (because it was 4 pax/cabin), then we will be able to have the whole cabin to ourselves. as usual, cheryl was hoping for 2 cute guys to bunk into the cabin.

and then when we board the train, how exactly her words became truth. there was 2 guys bunking with us! TWO UNCLES. one indian and the other, i have no idea, because he can't speak english. so, cheryl and her poisonous predictions.......{げっ}

It was morning when we arrive at Roma, so we started the day with the typical italian coffee! we had cappuccino, which i have to admit, was the greatest and nicest coffee i ever had. it was just a small shop beside the streets, but it was so so so good (and cheap too! 0.90 euros!).

we had our breakfast with 2 companions whom we had met on the train, Lucie(from France working in zurich,swiss) and Eri (from japan, travelling alone before her university graduation). they were basically our gps in the beginning, trying to find our ways to our hostel. because Roma is very walkable.

and they have orange trees along the street. i wanted to just pick one from the tree and eat it.

so we went to Lucie's hotel first. it was so nice, with a beautiful lobby complete with swing from the chandelier. haha

initally we planned to travel around Roma together, however, Lucie had to meet her boyfriend. so we went our separate ways. so Eri and us went to travel around instead. the first place we went to was the church in Angels and Demons for the fire element.

The Church of St. Maria della Vittoria

the fire angel

then we carried on to Basilica Santa Maria degli Angeli e dei Martiri.

a photo outside the basilica with the fountain.

then we headed to our B&B emily house. we had a room and private bath! which was rather good for what we had paid! Eri was staying at the other side of Roma, so she left her stuff in our hostel.

after that we took the metro to the Vatican City! So many people on the saturday morning.

this is just a small part of a crazy queue towards the Vatican museum. so we went to St. Peter Basilica instead.

to our horror, there were more queues, this is for security checks.

yay~ Vaticano! 

swiss guards!

shall stop here with all the flooding of photos. part 2 of st peter and vatican museum next time.


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