Vaticano Day 1

we first headed towards st peter's basilica. the entrance was free.

mary and jesus. there are so many people crowding in front of it trying to take a snapshot.

confession box. this is italian, there are other languages available for confession.

next we went to the tomb of the popes. quite a peaceful place, and in front of the tomb of the previous pope, there were crystal roses and people mourning in front of his tomb. too bad we didn't take any photo of it.

after that we went to the vatican musei. the entrance is 16 euro but student price are 8 euro~

this is the 500 year old garden

the museum is so huge! there are so many things to see. there were so many people over there damn crowded and stuffy. 

we went to the sistine chapel too. to see the famous painting where god gave life to adam. the paintings are so surreal. i was captured by the last judgement. i didnt take any photos because no photos are allowed and i was too tired by then.

this is the famous spiral staircase.

i didn't really see much at the vatican museum because i was so shagged due to the travelling. i think in order to enjoy the whole experience, one should really have loads of energy and dedicate one entire day just for vatican and use the audio guide because it would be damn useful.


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