Roma Day 2

Roma is very walkable. and every where and anywhere you walk, you would sure find a monument or some attractions.

Firstly, we started our day at Fontana del Tritone.

and then we got lost, trying to find our way to Palazzo Margherita. hmm, maybe we found it, but i think it wasn't something that wow-ed me. but anyway we found hardrock cafe halfway there. went inside to take a look. wanted many stuff that i couldn't afford.

we then headed towards Trinita dei Monti/ Spanish steps. there were huge loads of people hanging out there.

and artist every where in roma.

did i mention that there was a marathon going on? its a new experience, running around all the ancient monuments in roma. but damn, it was so unconvenient for us, can't get across certain areas because roads are blocked.

hi gina, very nice restaurant concept with easter decor. really pretty.

can rent a bicycle and cycle around roma. i like their fashion over here.

we walked to Piazza del Popolo after that.

dining al fresco.


the marathon is behind me

these are the "bread"

signages, all over roma.

another artist

then after that we walked again. along the flume.

walk towards Piazza dei Tribunali

a carousel near the building

we took a break, and cheryl mapped out the rest of our journey of the day.

 and a very cute kid, there were family picnic-ing around the area.

walked sommore, and in front of us was Castel Sant Angelo

the place where you have the underground tunnel linking to the vatican. at first i thought the monument is going to be like a disney castle. but i was soooo ignorant.

gelato truck in front of the castle. very touristy....

i like this bridge in front of the castle, because there are angels along the bridge really pretty.

anyway, this is just half of the day. more to come.


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