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21st of JULY

21st of july had brought me a little closer to my heart.

when is winter coming?

i wish we communicate through telepathy.

sometimes i cannot stand human interactions.

i'd rather stay silent.

because all i'm doing is only to live up to people's expectations.

the reliance had made me not know what i want.

milan. our last stop for project gelato.

we drove. and took a train down.

to duomo cathedral. it's the 2nd largest catholic cathedral in the world. also the largest gothic cathedral in the world. 

spent 5 euros to conquer it! taking the flight of steps up instead of the lift(which cost much more)


after venice, we left forrrr milan! it was about 3 hours. but if you are richer and willing to pay more, you can reach milan within an hour and half.

had our dinner/supper at Kamelot.

the seafood risotto is absolutely heavenly.

had the BEST gelato at Bandirali

gio cheryl and i enjoying the ice cream. i think i had yoghurt and coconut. i love coconut flavoured gelatos. yum yum!


venice is really such a pretty city. i would really love to live in the past venice. i love this small city, but it is so infested by tourists. i enjoyed shopping around for beautiful handcrafted masks and murano glass. but the most beautiful part about venice is their water canals.

we took about a 4 hour train ride from rome to venice. when we reached venice, it was already day break. it was beautiful.

venice is very walkable, so we decided to walk to our hotel. however, we kept getting lost and keep returning to the same streets and we kept seeing this cafe. so in the end, when our tired legs can't carry us anymore, we decided to go for breakfast.
a pretty nice coffee art, cappuccino and croissant breakfast for less than 4 euros i think. italy serves the best coffee.