milan. our last stop for project gelato.

we drove. and took a train down.

to duomo cathedral. it's the 2nd largest catholic cathedral in the world. also the largest gothic cathedral in the world. 

spent 5 euros to conquer it! taking the flight of steps up instead of the lift(which cost much more)

halfway up.

beautiful sight of the basilica

i almost died.

but i was proud that i managed to climb all the way up.

the sun was so bright and people just tan right there on top of milan's duomo.

climb all the way back down and reward ourselves with GELATOS! bandirali is still the best.

had macs for lunch in front of duomo.

only 1 euro each. i think it's cappuccino or tiramisu flavour. can't remember.

went to the galleria nearby.

to turn 360° on the genitals of the bull which is depicted in the coat of arms of torino.

not being silly or what because there is a tradition when you put your right heel on the bull's balls and turn three times, there would be good luck.

and i think it's true, if not how else did i managed to get my first class {ハッピー}.


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