after venice, we left forrrr milan! it was about 3 hours. but if you are richer and willing to pay more, you can reach milan within an hour and half.

had our dinner/supper at Kamelot.

the seafood risotto is absolutely heavenly.

had the BEST gelato at Bandirali

gio cheryl and i enjoying the ice cream. i think i had yoghurt and coconut. i love coconut flavoured gelatos. yum yum!

 the next day, our plans were foiled by the gloomy and cold weather. it signaled rain. so we just traveled around crema. instead of going to milan.

but we were immediately cheered up when we went grocery shopping at ipercoop. food glorious food! at CHEAP prices (not exactly cheap, just cheaper than swiss.) so i almost bought the whole store.

we were guided around by gio. around different areas. managed to see a different side of italy.

enjoyed my visit to the farm.

after that we went to the shopping area, it was around 11 or 12. but most of the shops weren't opened yet. they have such a nice lifestyle eh.

went to chill at a cafe, since it seemed that it was going to rain. as usual, coffee was great. we also bought some lottery scratch cards to try our luck. but too bad, didn't win.

it was raining when we decided to leave home for dinner. i love car rides + rain.

 this is gio and his family who had graciously hosted us for 3 days during our stay. lovely and warm family. we communicated using body language since we can't really understand italian nor could they speak much english but still they are soooo welcoming and sincere. not forgetting, the homecooked italian food was also very very delightful.

after dinner, we left for BOWLING! cheryl and i were like so stuck out since we are the only two asians there.

we had a bet for the loser of the game. to treat the other two gelatos! guess who lost?


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