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my thoughts are foggy.

big things small things going through my head.
i'm juggling with various thoughts at the same time.
contradicting emotions. i don't know what i'm feeling right now.
i'm lost.

i'm red with apple cider


Jump for bern!

this was the most enjoyable part of the trip. non-stop laughter.
just photos. =D

Bern. from the top.


Old city of Bern

we went to bern! the capital of swiss.

it's a old town. really beautiful and it's a UNESCO site.

last part of cailler trip


meeting cailler schokolade factory

so after deby arrived, we took a small small tram to the chocolate factory. i was trying to be silly before the ride trying to differentiate the first class and second class seats.

a trip to cailler schokolade factory - pretrip

Fribourg in switzerland.

another overdue post. i can't seem to keep up my updates. i'm just too lazy.

a really long way for me and mathiaus from zurich. train then bus then train. a shot i had taken during the bus ride. the island look super nice in the middle of the lake.

chocolate train. 

because we were supposed to meet at bulle and deby was late. so we roamed around the town and took some shots.

practicing my flare shots.

shopping cart outta nowhere.

secret garden

lunch time at a pizza/pasta restaurant. i had calzone. which was soooooo satisfying.

I've never learned anything while I was talking. - Larry King

my personality in zurich is vastly different from when i was singapore.
i am much quieter here. less friendly. everyone in my workplace wonder why am i so quiet or why am i so shy.

the truth is:
this is because people around me right now are people who do not listen and yet they talk alot of "facts". most of them are not sincere in listening and loveeee to hear themselves talk as if people are so interested in their stories. and they can't stop! therefore i would rather not talk. what i had learn so far is to tune out whenever the talker is talking because it doesn't make good sense and it just makes one look ignorant sometimes. worse, they dont like people to correct them because they always rebut back and think that they are right. however, they just look more foolish.

it is the most irritating that whenever i start to talk, i would be interrupted immediately. from this i conclude that the person do not actually want to hear your story. speaking to those type of p…

Zurich Theatre Spektakel

i'm late. this post was supposed to be on the same day as the day we went to katzensee

we went to a fair that was on during the last part of summer. activities around the lake. it's like a pasar malam "swiss style". with face paintings, games, basking, food, tarot card reading, hair braiding and loads more. i had a nice time relaxing, the weather was sehr fine. it was supposed to be the last summer sunday.

first up, my wth face. i can't stand the god damn heat. the buses here don't have cold air. so it was so stuffy and hot hot hot!

pronounce: sukkulentensammlung

my little brother

a skype message by my 10 year brother.

ying ying long time no see . how are you doing , and are you ok. and good morning ops forget to tell you that i am aaron and i am ok only that I have I injured myself . and i go to hospital where i go to the child centre , and I wait for my turn to see the doctor because i hurt my chin and the cut is very deep so I need to sew it to get the meat that is coming out so i have no choice and go to the hospital and sew it althought at first daddy said that i have to lie down at the bed and daddy said that it will be very painful . so i am very scarded and i also need to endure the pain . but luckily it was not that way . the nurse heip me to put some jellybean to nunb the pain and i have no feeling that when the doctor help me sew it and was by my side and i hold daddy hand very tightly but it was not pain and get out of the bed and i go to take the meading and i go home and eat rice . oh daddy is telling me to eat rice now . i am very happy to tell …

you made my day!

it is rather easy to make my day.
just one sentence and be sincere. =D