my little brother

a skype message by my 10 year brother.

ying ying long time no see . how are you doing , and are you ok. and good morning ops forget to tell you that i am aaron and i am ok only that I have I injured myself . and i go to hospital where i go to the child centre , and I wait for my turn to see the doctor because i hurt my chin and the cut is very deep so I need to sew it to get the meat that is coming out so i have no choice and go to the hospital and sew it althought at first daddy said that i have to lie down at the bed and daddy said that it will be very painful . so i am very scarded and i also need to endure the pain . but luckily it was not that way . the nurse heip me to put some jellybean to nunb the pain and i have no feeling that when the doctor help me sew it and was by my side and i hold daddy hand very tightly but it was not pain and get out of the bed and i go to take the meading and i go home and eat rice . oh daddy is telling me to eat rice now . i am very happy to tell you this things and see you later and bye . :)

probably. the sweetest thing ever.


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