Zurich Theatre Spektakel

i'm late. this post was supposed to be on the same day as the day we went to katzensee

we went to a fair that was on during the last part of summer. activities around the lake. it's like a pasar malam "swiss style". with face paintings, games, basking, food, tarot card reading, hair braiding and loads more. i had a nice time relaxing, the weather was sehr fine. it was supposed to be the last summer sunday.

first up, my wth face. i can't stand the god damn heat. the buses here don't have cold air. so it was so stuffy and hot hot hot!

pronounce: sukkulentensammlung

dita~ our co-worker.

spam loads of cute kids photos.

manual style! the lady was using the stick as a lever to push the carousel, while the man in the middle play the guitar and singing throughout the whole duration of the ride.

absolutely adorable babies! this boy is holding the world in his arms. kept rolling on the grass.

a little girl who was so amazed by the bicycle pedal.

"aggressive sailor"

there were so many d-i-y toys for the children to play. it was so pretty.

when the night came, we went to the opposite little island. it was so serene. because there was not many people, we sat there for a while to look at the carnival at the main island.


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