this means wherever in romani language. i had the opportunity to catch Varekai by Cirque du Soleil.

it was my company event. and prior to that, we had some aperitif at restaurant imagine at HB.  

this is just half of the company. we had to take our attendance.

the restaurant is really gorgeous with high ceilings and great decor, however, the food was just mediocre imo.

my colleagues. this photo consist of 7 people from 7 different countries!

after aperitif all of us took the tram to the cirque

a shot of my outfit for the day at the tram stop. sheer blue top w killer heels. i probably tripped over myself at least 5 times that day. the worst thing was that we missed the tram (partly because i tripped & also the tram was full) that we were supposed to get on, so a few of us were left behind.

so by the time we reached the cirque, the opening act had started.

a photo taken discreetly during the break. not a very big stage but it was almost full house. fyi, my seat cost 95chf, roughly sgd130. located at the side of the main stage. anyway i almost fell asleep at one part of the show. didn't really get the show partly because i didn't read up before hand. but it was supposed to be based on Icarus, a greek mythology. i wished the show had stick more to the theme. but anyway i enjoyed the ending.

 it was dark when the show ended at around 7. so we decided to catch dinner at our current fav spot. they serve yummy mexican food, it's like an american/canadian bar. with good music, cozy decor and most importantly cute young guys.


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