Norway - finding my way.

i had a day to myself to explore oslo alone. i went to 2 museums at Bygdøy as well as Aker brygge area. the viking ship museum

 i walked about 15 minutes to the kontiki museum.

 after that i enjoyed the view outside the museum. 

 this is the part where i got myself pretty lost in oslo. i didn't know where i was supposed to head and every time i tried to get to aker brygge, i would find myself distracted by the breathtaking sights of autumn.

i got a snack at a small cafe situated at a corner. the bus drove past it and it looked pretty cozy so i stopped immediately at the next stop and walk back to the cafe to grab a cup of cappuccino. 

 "window" shopping after that. i was in Grünerløkka, there were loads of nice cafes and restaurants in the area. really gorgeous decor. 

 it took me quite a while to get to aker brygge. took multiple trams and trains in the wrong directions a couple of times. so by the time i reached, it was already sunset. 


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