Apfelsaft und schwarzwald kirsch torte

we passed by this when we wanted to take a break.

we had no idea what it was used for...

i thought it was an apple gathering machine since there were so many apples around.

my guess was close because it's something to do with making apple juice. fresh apple juice. damn good.

anyway we had our lunch after that in the museum. food was so comparatively cheaper in germany than in swiss. horray! i ate like a king throughout my trip. wunderbar! =d

below is a picture taken at the entrance of the restaurant. basically it means welcome from the heart. something like that...

beer!! yay! drank beer for most of my meals. yum yum.

and i ate this! Black forest cake at black forest! yup! my first stop in germany is to Black forest. 

it's shouting *eat me *eat me..

i'm not a fan of black forest cake. but this cake is so yummmyyy! i wished i had more servings but i was so full from the beer and main course, in the end we shared one slice. it was a damn huge size though.

so after lunch we went for a small walk. 

i almost died because clariol wants to take photos with the "forest" because we are in the black forest.... so we climb and we climb to reach the nearest bunch of trees. anyway enjoy these set of photos. one of my favourite few out of 650+ photos of the day.

i think we left the place about 3pm to our next destination where we stayed over for a night.


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