Baden under the autumn night skies

about late afternoon/ evening we arrived at Baden-baden. It's a place known for spa. So i can't wait to dip myself into the natural hot springs.

i wished that i could take some photos of the caracalla spa but of course no camera was allowed. it was damn huge with indoor and outdoor jacuzzi areas with different temperature. there was also sauna which was also damn awesome, mint flavoured steam.

anyway there's also the friedrich spa which is also very popular in baden which i decided not do go because you had to get totally naked. Initially i intend to do a body scrub or massage, however, it is fully booked {ごめんなさい}. so a mental note to self to call or reserve the next time i want to do any treatments.

overall i really enjoyed having a great warm jacuzzi with the cold autumn air breeze  under the night sky.

after the bath, we found out that none of us bought toothbrush. and all the shops are already closed! so we really searched high and low. and finally we bought it at the gas station. it was a pity that we didn't managed to dine in one of the awesome restaurants that we saw while we walked around the town.

a picture of our room with our dinner on the table. 

so that's all for my first day in Black forest!


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