Cuckoo clocks & what nots.

it was quite funny because when i came back from germ, i kept telling everyone that i love that place so much. my work buddy then concluded that i'm a "nazi" because i love germany as well as japanese culture.

so we began our journey at an open air museum. and we managed to get student tickets. the nicest thing was that there weren't many tourist. it is probably due to the fact that the museum is in german and it's like a place for family. nevertheless, i had heaps of fun with my camera snapping away.

another clue of the place if you haven't guess where...this place is very famous for cuckoo clocks or rather some say that cuckoo clocks originated from here. can you guess the place?

vintage toilet.

some wood craft. 

i really like how the houses look like. i think they still do exist in some places in germany and people are still living in it. however, modernization and conveniences are slowly replacing these. i'm very glad that i decided to visit the museum as it feels like visiting another "world". looking at how was things like during the past. 


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