tea & cakes

i'm taking a break from updating my autumn germany trip because thre are so many photo to review through. instead, i'm going to blog about my first xmas week in germany. =D

i'm staying at my mom's friend house for now.

4 candles. each for each sunday of december. so you light up on sunday, counting down to xmas week. haha. yesterday was the last candle. hehehe. 

so the first day, i went to have tea and cakes at my mom's friend's mother in law place which was a walking distance from her house.

i love apple tart the most! and with whipped cream on top of it is heavenly!!!

and zitronenkuchen. was also YUMMMMMYYYY! l

this cake was also nice. with nuts and raisins inside.

forgot to mention that the tableware are so pretty (& expensive)...

i tried all the cakes, was super filling after that. so much guilty sweet things... i love it. 3 pieces of cake and cookies and chocolates......i'm still dreaming about it now. hahaa

we ate till evening...

after that we left to clean some snow on the pavement outside my mom's friend old house.

really hard work...

i must do it because of the 3 cakes....

taking photos while i do it...頑張ります!!! (now i know why some people don't like the snow..)

and then we took/dragged xmas tree back home. (and at new house, we had to clean the snow again....)


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