why do i love germany?

i love germany very much. i can't explain much, if i had to choose, out of all the places i had went so far in europe, i love germany the most! during autumn, the beginning of november, i made a 3 day trip to germany with clariol. it was short but germany definitely took my breath away many times. i dont know is it the country or the people or autumn that made me fell so hard in love or maybe it is a combination of all of it. it maybe also due to the fact that i didn't really expect much of germany.

furthermore, clariol left all the planning to me. i did intensive homework and late nights (*which i enjoyed). so most of the places are places that i wanted to visit.

i didn't expect i would love the place so much. i can't wait to return to deutschland, in fact, i'm returning very soon! hehe.

so this would be the start of my very long series of my 3 day travels in Germany. Many to cover and too many photos!

First day of November, we set off at 7am from zurich to Hausach. i think it was a 3 hour train ride. after that we had to walk from the station to the location for about half an hour. air was fresh and the walk was so scenic. i loveeeee it.

so this is one of the reason why i love germany..... (guess what cake is this, it's basically the name of our first destination. hehe)


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