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Wasserauen Seealpsee & Appenzell

i really enjoyed my trip down appenzellerland. it's one of the most beautiful places that i've been in swiss (other than luzern).

i think i was mad. because i wanted to head to seealpsee after coming across this website. forgetting to consider the weather conditions as well as brushing away a local's advice about the rough conditions. i decided to stick with the original plan.

zurich night walk

i miss the night of zuerich very much.

hayson's here

i had an eventful week.

makan sutra on monday & universal studios singapore on tuesday.


this was during last year's spring.
we visited an open-air museum exhibiting various old swiss houses from all over swiss. actual artifacts donated by the people. i like the fresh air, nature and animals that roam around quite freely inside. i had a great time learning how to carve a cow and painting it.  we also had barbecue for our lunch, but i guess due to lack of proper planning and preparation, the food was pretty bad, cooking can't catch up with the demand.  we also had to do some treasure hunt/amazing race with an iphone application. but we leave the job to the 'men' - dr v, hayson & jonathan to figure our way around the place. girls just kept snapping away with the cameras.

here's photos of dandelions that i've blogged before. now's the rest of the pictures. ;)

here we go!

i love theme parks. because i'm 12 all over again. hehe.


Selfishness is healthy. After a break-up, you absolutely must be selfish. You must immerse yourself in new experiences, activities, relationships to help create a new identity. All of the mental energy you possess must be devoted to repair and self-restoration. Nothing else. Otherwise your identity from the past remains your identity in the present. I don’t want to be the person I was in that relationship- I didn’t love myself. And I don’t love myself as long as I am still hung up on the devastation of it all. You must change EVERYTHING- experiment, risk, explore. Putting yourself out on a limb makes you stronger and more confident. Only you can change, there is nothing external that will initiate the process. I choose my thoughts; I choose my behaviors; I choose my proactivity. No one else can change these things. This is my biggest trap. I want some event to turn it all around, but this isn’t how it works. Change is a daily process- it is a lifestyle. Incremental, not overnight.

- …

finding neverland

words are such powerful weapons to use. it defines a person and speaks more about a person than a subject. it's pity that i can't seem to write as much about my day or my life as much compared to the past. i guess it is the fear to be responsible and the consequences to all that i write.

anyway, it's really upsetting that you could hurt your close ones much readily and deeply, easily. so much responsibility thats why it's easy to be irresponsible.

i'm heading somewhere else in feb. it's fast, part of me is reluctant but deeply, i know i am always seeking for neverland.

dimples are so cute.

this is what i feel about dimples....


apples for autumn

i wished i had time to explore the town of fussen. but we had a train to catch after lunch.

autumn fairytale


fairytale castle

when i first set my eyes on neuschwanstein castle from marienbruecke, i was quite sure that my eyes sparkled. it was a feeling that i cannot describe. it is like when i first see the eiffel tower but 100x more intense.


我: 不听谁的话?
师父: 自己。

misty mornings.

i love how fresh the air felt. i love misty mornings.

so on our last day at fussen, we decided to take a small walk to hohenschwangau. it was such a peaceful and scenic walk. i enjoy the last day the most. it felt so surreal. i would visit the place all over.



Munchen strasse

continue from my first trip to germany. we went to munich the second day. i wasn't that into munich, but i guess it was a stop for me to do some shopping around.

we also visited some attractions that i did not bother to learn the names of.

but anyway i still had a great time in munich. firstly, it's a tourist friendly area. even before i start reading my map, there would definitely be someone there offering help to me. i had a chance to also talk to a german man who felt that one day in munich was too little. one would need at least 4 days to see the place.

me and my heart

i guess most people would look at me and think that i'm an independent person, strong personality and always know what she wants and get what she wants.

however, i think of myself otherwise.

i'm always someone who don't really understand myself. i always dont know what i want and sometimes i see myself from above. like i'm not really me and i'm just observing what i am doing. i also based alot of my actions on my feelings. feelings that might become words when the brain works hard. sometimes the brain is too lazy to put feelings into words. that's why sometimes i have a problem when i try to access or speak what i feel.

however, 2010 had made me learn more about myself (or should i put it this way, 2010 made the brain know more about the heart). you see, the brain controls the bodily functions, the heart feels. i know my heart feel this way, but my brain reacts another way to my surrounding. sometimes, they have a conflict of interest.

anyway, after living alm…

Swiss Bar World

this was a really small exhibition. i would love to see one staged in sg or huge places with big market like lv or china. it would be awesome. nevertheless i had learnt some things about alcohol, brands, techniques and whatnots.

it's like an adventure

2010 was great for me. i'm sure 2011 will be even better!

sorry for not being the best friend. i wished you were here, i wished i've seen you the last time. thank you for all the times we had.
i'm really sorry. i love you.