Wasserauen Seealpsee & Appenzell

i really enjoyed my trip down appenzellerland. it's one of the most beautiful places that i've been in swiss (other than luzern).

i think i was mad. because i wanted to head to seealpsee after coming across this website. forgetting to consider the weather conditions as well as brushing away a local's advice about the rough conditions. i decided to stick with the original plan.

the hike was crazy. haha. i think it took us 2 hours to hike across the snow. and i think it only take an hour during summer months. the snow was knee deep crazy. 

save me. i could pass out and sleep in the snow. 

this was my first time seeing so many icicles. quite amazing and pretty. it was a uphill from there and it was dangerous because the ground is frozen ice and it's not easy walking on ice uphill. gosh. i almost died

so many times i wanted to give up. but the hike eventually paid off with the scenery we get while hiking, loads of camwhore moments. 

arriving at the lake, i realised that the whole seealp lake was frozen! it was much smaller than what i had imagined. i wanted very much to step down the lake but i was so afraid that it might give way.

so we head back after taking a couple of shots. look at the wet marks on my pants. it should give a good indicator of how high the snow was.

because it was a sunday plus winter, there wasn't many places that are opened. we decide to take the train down to appenzell, the town area. and luckily for us, it started to snow heavily when we hiked back. i cannot imagine what would happen to both of us if we are stuck during our hike at seealpsee. looking back, we were quite brave & reckless. haha.

appenzell was a sweet surprise. i didn't expect that the town would be so so pretty. i wished stayed longer. there was xmas market. 

first we decided to head for food. starving after the hike and it was our first meal of the day. this was because we set off in the morning to wasserauen thinking that we'll grab lunch. but there wasn't any place that serve food. 

anyway we got really cheap + good food at appenzell. nom nom nom. 

after dinner i wanted to head out to do some shopping but unfortunately shops are already closed (at freaking 6.30pm, gah, ok la, it was a sunday). so many lovely shops around. too bad i could only window shop. the architecture of the place was pretty awesome too.


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