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we went to the waterlooplein market on our last day. luckily for us, the stalls are finally opened!


it was so windy at zandam! and it was coooolldddddd

cheese & clogs

day five, we went to a small town, volendam. i really liked the houses over there. too bad we were too early, most shops weren't open. i regretted that i didn't take photos with the traditional dutch clothes.


the visit for our trip was at the wrong time. weather was really bad. the fourth day of our travels, we were faced with nasty nasty weather. i'm not much of an indoor museum type of person. museums, no matter how interesting they are, they make me tired at the end of the day. 3 small size museums is the max for me. my brains will be fried by the end of the day. so on the fourth day we didn't stay indoors. so we were out there battling the crazy winds.

the winds were so strong that you'd stop in your tracks if not you'll just fall backwards.

anyway it was a friday. so we headed to the market for the waterlooplein flea market. much to our disappointment, most of the flea stalls were closed  because of the bad weather.

i remembered it was a friday because our host's boyfriend was trying to fool us that friday is the day where people eat herring fish. so we headed to a fish shop to get some fish.

annefrank, pancakes & vangogh

it just kept raining on the 3rd day. what a pity. so we decided to stay indoors.

we went to the anne frank museum and van gogh museum. had pancakes for lunch. my first time eating a savoury pancake. i think it was cheese and mushrooms.


we travelled to the beach. however, it was really a bad time to go. it was dusk and can't see sunset due to heavy clouds. it's windy and damn damn cold. i think it would be a nice place to chill during summer though.

Den Haag

We went down to den haag the next day for some dim sum. the price is not cheap, but definitely cheaper than in switzerland. haha


i went to amsterdam on the 2nd week of november last year. i had a fun time with marisa, looking back at all those photos makes me nostalgic. we stayed over at her aunt's place and was brought around by her cousins throughout our stay. i'll most likely go back again, because there are still things i haven't tried. haha.


i went out with ash 2 days in a row. we ate best fries forever for 2 days in a row. damn it's really good! also tried garrett popcorns too! was also yummy can't stop eating even though the cheesecorn stained my lips and tongue. nom nom nom


i want to go for braces. but apparently according to mq, having a gap in between your teeth is considered fashionable?


i'm a heartless heartless person.

hug them

do something goofy

eat something yummy

show a cute video

show a funny video

i'm really hungry now. i want this....

how about some summer?

swimming in luzern was one of the best experience so far! ok lah, it was mostly splashing of water not really swimming. but heck, loved it. anyways, after summer in swiss which lasted probably 2 weeks or so, i became much much darker. it's funny how i liked and miss summer in swiss.

one of the best things about swimming in the lake is that the water is so clean! so so clean. you can wash your fruits with the water and if you are daring enough, you could drink it!


I'm a daydreamer, I can't really help it. if i get bored, my mind always wanders onto something else that's completely irrelevant. most of the time, i think out situations in my head that i either wish or i could have done differently. i plan out what i would say, what the other person would say, what we would do. i even daydream about how my current and future lives would be different if the situation happened the way i imagined it. it's fun to fantasize, but sometimes it makes me sad. I'm always so much braver in my daydream than i am in real life.