i went to amsterdam on the 2nd week of november last year. i had a fun time with marisa, looking back at all those photos makes me nostalgic. we stayed over at her aunt's place and was brought around by her cousins throughout our stay. i'll most likely go back again, because there are still things i haven't tried. haha.

outdoor ski arena!

i think this means oil balls or something. it's basically dutch doughnuts. 

i like street food. they taste exceptionally delicious! and for the price, def worth it. it's also the best way to discover the culture of another country. hehe.

this is a fast food system they have, bascially you insert money into the machine, open the door and get your food. and from what i see, it's mostly fried food. anyway on the other side of the machine is the kitchen, so basically food is placed from the other side.

i dont know the name of this shop, but i really love the potato fries that we've bought there. damn damn good and they were so generous with the mayo. SO SO GOOD. i wish i could taste it again! haha

after eating we walked around. and the first stop was to the famous red light district of amsterdam.

no photos were allowed. so this was the only photo i snapped after i left the red light district. the district was not as lively as i've imagined. i saw the windows with red lights, girls, woman of all colours and sizes flaunting their bodies. i thought there would be more, however, i was told that the govt was slowly closing down the operations so the red light district had shrunk alot compared to 10 years ago.

anyway chinatown is near the red light district. so we headed there for some bubble tea. there was also a chinese temple. the bubble tea wasn't really good. not the best i've tried so far, but bubble tea are not common in europe. 


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