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things that amused me today.

cute cute cute. i wish i could hug it.

 anyway here's a picture of me when i was young... hahhahaahahhaahaha

hello short hair



for those who miss my voice and want to see my silly adorable mother.

colourful ferris wheel


it took me more than 3 months to update my 2 weeks trip with marisa. tibidabo was our last stop. it was the most exciting day. because we almot got conned. after tibidabo, we wanted to go shopping. as it was a sunday, most shop weren't open. it sucks.

anyway we decided to head down to another mall near barceloneta, it's not mare magnum though. it's near the olympic park according to my memory. so it was late evening or so when we went to the mall hoping that the shops would be opened. obviously, it's not opened and the mall is situated in some ulu place. it's near some housing estates and it was quite creepy. delinquents were hanging around and stuff.

so we decided to head back. we took a tram and got a fine due to the fact that our tickets are bought wrongly. sucks full time. train and tram tickets are not to be mixed for single use and those you buy for 10 time use could be mix. so annoying. furthermore, the conductor had bod…


This is the last part of my trip with marisa. i'm going to split it into two parts because there's so many photos i would like to share.

outlet shopping at barca

more photos from our b&b,

this is the place where we have our breakfast. i like how to sun shines into the area. i liked the sunflower seed bread we eat.


sagrada familia & park guell

Montjuic castle

we took a short walk from barceloneta beach towards the cable car tower. the cable cars were old and scary!

Barceloneta Beach

we had paella for lunch. with sangria. i don't really like sangria because it was too sweet.

after lunch we headed for desserts. there was an ice cream shop that we kept passing by and it tempted us. and we had an icecream for free~

i dont know what marisa had, she had 2 flavours, i had 3. i know one is definitely coconut. i really like coconut gelatos.

street of barcelona

Arc de Triomf


we stayed near the shopping street. the home was lovely, very antique. i love the house during the day but i certainly creeps me out at night. because it's such a big house and most of the time there's only me and marisa in the house. the toilet also has sepia pictures of people from the olden times. so i was so scared.


we were in madrid for about 2 days. didn't really visit places much. we were more into shopping and real madrid. hahaa i came up with the theory that wherever you see the xmas lightings, that's where all the shopping districts are. isn't that so for singapore? so i figure it would be the same else where.

i love our accommodation. real comfy, and homey~

if you could spot me under my black coat on my bed. i love sleeping in corners.

so marisa got the other two beds, see how she sprawl her stuff all over..


Leonidas, godiva, blah blah.

i just kept buying champagne truffles. but nothing beats teuscher. hahaa


after amsterdam, we took a bus down to brussels! anyway if i'm not wrong it was a sunday when we went. so basically most shops aren't open. we just kept going in circles kept ending at the main area. eating and eating. anyway, what i wanted to do at brussels is to taste belgium frites, belgium waffles. belgium chocolates. it was nom nom nom.


Finally i'm back in new york after 5 years. it's been so long. flushing changed so much. so many chinese!! & koreans. i haven't been around much. kept going on shopping trips which i kept refraining myself from buying.

haven't been taking photos because i've only been shopping and not sight seeing. my top two itinerary for this trip is to watch wicked and taste magnolia's bakery's cupcakes. i dont think i will do much touristy stuff because i prefer nature, scenery blah blah. i really want to go to yellowstone nat park and florida. but noone's going to accompany me. =(

heineken is from amsterdam

we went to the heineken experience. it was quite interesting to see how beer is made as well as the history of heineken beer. plus, we get "free" beers. i can't remember how much was it to get in. there were so many people.