Barceloneta Beach

we had paella for lunch. with sangria. i don't really like sangria because it was too sweet.

after lunch we headed for desserts. there was an ice cream shop that we kept passing by and it tempted us. and we had an icecream for free~

i dont know what marisa had, she had 2 flavours, i had 3. i know one is definitely coconut. i really like coconut gelatos.

there was some filming going on at the beach

down this path, you'll reach a shopping mall that opens on sunday~ hee~

i was so excited when we finally reach the beach. it was the right kind of blue sky. it wasn't that cold either. really missed being near the sea.

i like this photo because its a shot that i made where the bird is situated right on top of marisa's head. haha

i look absolutely retarded here.


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