after amsterdam, we took a bus down to brussels! anyway if i'm not wrong it was a sunday when we went. so basically most shops aren't open. we just kept going in circles kept ending at the main area. eating and eating. anyway, what i wanted to do at brussels is to taste belgium frites, belgium waffles. belgium chocolates. it was nom nom nom.

lotus biscuits are the best. haha

brussels' mussels, waterzooi & frites!!

the peeing boy attraction. it's much smaller than what expected. & it's interesting to see how many different outfit the boy has.

real dog vs fake dog. 

we came across this "otaku" shop. it was so lovely.

this is tin tin right?

waffles......nom nom nom. fresh waffles + sweet strawberries + chocolate. sinful sinful.....

touch this for luck. so i touched.

stay tune for part 2. it's going to be full of chocolates!


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