colourful ferris wheel


it took me more than 3 months to update my 2 weeks trip with marisa. tibidabo was our last stop. it was the most exciting day. because we almot got conned. after tibidabo, we wanted to go shopping. as it was a sunday, most shop weren't open. it sucks.

anyway we decided to head down to another mall near barceloneta, it's not mare magnum though. it's near the olympic park according to my memory. so it was late evening or so when we went to the mall hoping that the shops would be opened. obviously, it's not opened and the mall is situated in some ulu place. it's near some housing estates and it was quite creepy. delinquents were hanging around and stuff.

so we decided to head back. we took a tram and got a fine due to the fact that our tickets are bought wrongly. sucks full time. train and tram tickets are not to be mixed for single use and those you buy for 10 time use could be mix. so annoying. furthermore, the conductor had body guards with huge ass canine. i didn't want to pay the fine because the conductor was so annoying and couldn't speak english at all. most spanish people cannot speak proper english. so while i was insisting not to pay, marisa took out a piece of 50 euro to pay for our we paid for the fine.

we ended up in some ulu place again because the tram ended it service. so we decided to walk instead since it was walkable. it was then we met a tourist from milan who needed directions and while i was explaining to him, two "policemen" appeared out of nowhere demanding to see our passports. and then they said something about drugs and fake money, so i had to show my money to him. it was the last day so i didn't have much to show him, neither did marisa. then something about credit cards, so i showed them and then they wanted our pin which i had no idea. at the same time marisa was already suspecting that they were trying to conned us. but anyway we were just v clueless and they let us go. phewwww.

with our bodies filled with adrenaline, we began walking very very fast. and then i started to notice a young boy kept following us. marisa even joked that he was interested in me. it was no time for jokes lo. the boy was holding a phone and trying to call somebody. anyway we kept our pace and walked to the more crowded area. that was where we lost the boy.


now, moving on to a happier note.

pictures (before all that happened)~ {カメラ}

 this waffle is so good. i think you can find it in starbucks. it's so so sweet.

the wind messed up my hair. it was so difficult to get a proper shot.

i like how my skin looks so good here~ hahahaha

 we took this colourful funicular down the mountain.

and then i started taking self shots.

and this old man appeared. he looked like santa. 本当に面白いおじさん。

on our last day we managed to try the crepe shop that we passed by during our first day. the chef was quite delicate in making our crepes. it turned out to be quite good. we had savoury crepes for our dinner.


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