heineken is from amsterdam

we went to the heineken experience. it was quite interesting to see how beer is made as well as the history of heineken beer. plus, we get "free" beers. i can't remember how much was it to get in. there were so many people.

basic ingredients, water + barley. hoops for the bitter taste and x ingredient for heineken.

the funniest ride ever. you are supposed to be a bottle and it shows the process of where the bottle goes. you get sprayed by water, heated up and bubbles. and shaked. haha 

stay here if you want free flow beer. but i'm totally not a fan of heineken. 

freaking cool rest area

machines that bottle the beer. and you could custom made one bottle with your own message. i did one for my sister.

they look like they are getting suntanned or something. basically they are lying down and looking at a tv screen. really futuristic place.

heineken horses! too bad we can't get a closer look at them. i love black horses.

freaking long table soccer. i think it's damn cool. so many people could play at the same time.

our last stop! more beers. {ビール}

many many people!

after heineken we ate turkish food. it was so yummy. so much meat!


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