we were in madrid for about 2 days. didn't really visit places much. we were more into shopping and real madrid. hahaa i came up with the theory that wherever you see the xmas lightings, that's where all the shopping districts are. isn't that so for singapore? so i figure it would be the same else where.

i love our accommodation. real comfy, and homey~

if you could spot me under my black coat on my bed. i love sleeping in corners.

so marisa got the other two beds, see how she sprawl her stuff all over..

hmm, the goal keeper is marisa's favourite. haha. and his jersey has no star.

we had paella for lunch

and had this while we were trying to look for shopping. it's so sweet! i wish someone would finish this up for me.

we also did some sight seeing to places we don't know. all the places we go are places that i see on postcards. so i figured that they are the attractions that we have to visit in madrid. haha. seriously we were so lazy to research on where to go in madrid la~

tapas for dinner, i had no idea what i was ordering....


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