outlet shopping at barca

more photos from our b&b,

this is the place where we have our breakfast. i like how to sun shines into the area. i liked the sunflower seed bread we eat.

our corridor. it's really scary walking here at night because it's so dimly lit. all the way down is our room

we had the most horrible time trying to get on the right train. we ended up in the wrong place and had to wait for 1 hour for the train to come. worst, we missed our train and had to wait for another hour! by the time we reach the outlet it was already like 6pm? we set off at 11am i think. bla~~

once we reached the outlet, we decided on taking our first meal of the day. it was automated at some point where you have to choose what you liked on the machine and pay for it. like the japanese. and i was taking photos where the staff asked me to take a photo of them. so i took. in exchange i had a free cup of coke! hahaha i was supposed to add the spanish guy on fb, but can't find the guy. so too bad.


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