This is the last part of my trip with marisa. i'm going to split it into two parts because there's so many photos i would like to share.

we went up to mount tibidabo!  we were one of the first few who were early and waited for the funicular railway to bring us up. we also met two singapore xchange students on holidays.

there's an amusement park, Sagrat Cor and amazing view of the city.

 i am superman!! hehehehe

 this is the most amazing photo that marisa took of the Sagrat Cor

i'm seriously afraid of heights. & it was freaking windy up there.

can you spot marisa? she is such a daredevil that she decided to take the ride again. & she wanted to ride it alone but due to safety issues she cannot do so. crazy man~

she's in the right side of the yellow box btw.

here's some shots she took of me when she's up there!

ending with our really messed up hair because it was soooooooo sooo windy!


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